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Varieties of Home Security Cameras

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With video surveillance in home security, there are many different kinds of home security cameras. Some are better for indoor while others are great for outdoors. Some can see in all lux conditions while others are only good during the day. Some have two weeks’ worth of recording space while others have only a few days. Some have motion sensors and others are on all the time. The way to sort through these features is to decide what you’re looking for and go from there. You’ll find that some security cameras may be perfectly suited to your needs while others are nice but way more than you need (and probably way out of your budget).

Kind of Sensor: PIR detectors – PIR detection is frequently used for home security camera systems. PIR, which stands for “passive infrared”, can sense the changes in the amount of infrared energy around them. This means that they will pick up on the image of a human walking by. Because this is the type of sensing they do, they are excellent in low lux or nighttime light conditions.

Dome Camera

The dome camera will usually come in a normal dome or a smoked dome. This just means that there is a glass dome fitted around the camera, and sometimes it is clear to allow the camera to be seen while other times it is smoky to hide the camera itself (without blocking its view). These cameras are usually good in all weather conditions due to the glass dome casing that protects the camera lens. They can also have high resolution quality imaging.

Hidden Camera

A hidden camera is precisely that – hidden from view. It can be hidden within a smoke detector or sprinkler head or other device that works just as well so that the product serves as both camera and clock, for example. Even though they are easy to hide in outside areas, these kinds of security cameras tend to be less sturdy when the weather is bad such as if there is heavy rainfall. This makes them better suited to interior home video surveillance. Additionally, hidden security cameras do not usually use PIR detection and so they are less likely to work well in low lux conditions.

Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

This camera is the most expensive variety, starting at a minimum of $500 to $600. But it is so expensive because of all it can offer homeowners. With this security device, you can keep ultimate surveillance over your yard, your home, your rooms, your safe, etc. because it has a wide range of motion: it can go up, down, right, left, or zoom wherever within range. One neat feature is that you can actually order these remotely to pan or tilt or zoom as you desire, or you can program them to follow a specified surveillance pattern at a certain hour of the day.

Other home security cameras also add their own bonuses to video surveillance systems, but these three remain some of the most popular used in home security systems across the country. While you decide which kind of camera you should choose, don’t rule out choosing multiple kinds and featuring them in different areas to maximize your potential for detecting criminal activity.