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Reasons to Install a Security System Garage Door Sensor

A security system garage door sensor doesn’t seem like the most necessary of home security devices, but there’s a definite bonus whether you realize it or not. The significance of this bonus may be different for some over others.garage-door-sensor Obviously, having no garage means there’s no need to install a garage door sensor. And if your garage is separate from your house and the only thing you keep in it is your car, and you keep your car locked, you probably don’t need a garage door alarm, either. But for the rest of you, there are some very valid reasons you should consider for installing a garage door sensor.

You need to protect your home from criminal access. Think about the door to your garage. No, not the actual garage door, but the door leading from inside your house into the garage, if you have one. This is the door you probably go through most of the time when you’re trying to get to your car or when you’re coming back in the house after getting out of the car. Do you ever lock it? Probably not. You probably figure that it’s fine because the garage door is closed. But have you ever come home from work and realized that you left the garage door open all day? That means that someone could have come in to rob you because you left them free rein. You usually don’t forget to lock the front door when you leave, but people leave this door unlocked all the time. And when it can take an intruder only 10 seconds to open an automatic garage door, you could be in big trouble.

You need to protect your home from your own forgetfulness. It is really easy to forget to close the garage door sometimes. Mother and son beside door 86496673If you’re on the phone, carrying in groceries, rushing out the door, or otherwise engaged mentally, you may completely forget to close the garage door. With a garage door sensor, you can be notified that the garage door is open and then go close it. Sometimes it is our own forgetfulness or our own neglect that makes our homes easy targets for criminal activity, and so we need whatever we can get to help us.

You need to protect your car from criminal access. Yes, some criminals might try to get into your garage so they can steal your shiny new car that you saved up for over the past 6 years and just finally bought. Many people don’t even lock their cars in the garage, but whether or not you do, someone who is bent on getting into your garage will make it happen. So if you install a security sensor on your garage door, you can know the moment that the door has been opened and go investigate the situation.

There are reasons to install every home security product for your house, but only a few are as compelling as these. You can best protect every entrance to your home by manning the entire perimeter of your home with security devices, including a security system garage door sensor, front and back door sensors, and window sensors.