How Home Alarm Systems Work

Home alarm systems and security systems have been around for a while now. It was back in the 1800s when Augustus Pope in Massachusetts rigged the first home alarm system by hooking up a bell to ring the moment someone opened a secured door. Now, home security has evolved into motion sensors, window and door alarms, glass break alarms, garage door alarms, home security cameras, security lighting, and more. There are cellular security systems, broadband security systems, security systems over VoIP, wired and wireless systems…with all the choices available to Nashville homeowners today, every home here could have a quality security system to help crack down on the property crime that is significantly higher than the national average. Home alarms would make a big difference in reducing burglaries and increasing peace of mind for homeowners here, all because of how the alarm systems work for home security. Every home alarm system comes with these main parts: the alarms that sound or alert the homeowner and monitoring service, the sensors, and the connections between them.


Combination Smoke and CO Alarm 147083364The alarms are the parts of the security system that actually sound the alert. This could be a genuine alarm with loud ringing and/or flashing lights, or it could be a silent prerecorded phone call to your phone or your central monitoring station. Whatever the kind of alarm you have, this is the part of the system that gets your attention of the security breach.


Security sensors are placed all around your home to deter and detect trespassers. Infrared motion sensor 466282673Your front and back door and any other door along the perimeter of your home will have sensors on it that trigger the alarm system when they’re opened after the security system has been activated. Additionally, you may have motion sensors and other sensors working for you to keep your home secure.

Circuits and Connection

A home alarm system essentially runs on circuits. These connections between sensors and the alarms are either closed or open circuits. With a closed circuit alarm, there is a circuit flowing between the sensor and the alarm. When someone opens the window or trips the sensor in some way, it’ll unsettle and break the circuit; this activates the alarm. The opposite is true with a closed circuit alarm: there is an open circuit between them, and when the window or door or sensor is tripped, it’ll close the circuit and activate the alarm.

Monitoring Service

While not an essential part of the home alarm system, monitoring services are provided by home security companies to help you by monitoring your system for you if you pay them a monthly fee. 134942482Thus, when a home alarm is triggered, the monitoring service will also be notified. Then they can try to get a hold of you, and if they can’t or if all is not well with you and your home, they can send over the authorities to check on things.

From Pope to today, home alarm systems have grown immensely. Now with all of these pieces fine-tuned and refined to the point of perfection, homeowners like you can achieve the level of home security you need in Nashville, Tennessee. Call a home security professional in your area at 866-565-4305 to find out more information about home security systems.